Some more photos mostly taken around Lake Placid on our trip in New York State.

An old wharf leading out into Lake Placid.

A walkway around some water falls not too far from the town of Lake Placid.

Here are the falls. It was private land and we had to pay to see them.

Nothing to do with water but a lesson on how to walk five dogs. I wonder what happens if one of them takes off after a squirrel?

6 thoughts to “Water”

  1. I love the walkway. It looks safe yet treacherous. Were the falls worth the money? I can’t imagine someone charging for a scenic view, but it can’t all be public land, can it?

  2. I don’t think you could get me out on that walkway – looks chilling. Did you take any photos in Canada? Will you be posting them?

  3. I could just go and jump off of that dock on a hot summer day! Those falls are really pretty. If you ever get to the mountains of North Carolina where I have family you can see some really huge waterfalls.

  4. Upper State New York is so vast and beautiful. I have had some of my best vacations B & B ing it through the State. I don’t think most realize the lg. size and granduer of that area.

    As a dog walker here in Santa fe, I have yet to successfully walk more than 2 big dogs at a time. They are strong. Dogs also often have walks they “prefer”. Their territories so to speak. True, getting out over ways that, but it is impo.

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