Instead of heading back to New York, we decided to avoid some bad weather and take a day to see Quebec. Of course, the old city of Quebec is the draw for me. I was there many years ago and have a framed print of a painting there.

This is a famous hotel there, the Chateau Frontenac. We didn’t stay there but I sort of wish we had.

It is full of charming buildings like this.

A red door always draws my eye to it.

A lady mime done up in gold.
The next day we headed back to New York staying in a regrettable Inn in Cold Spring-although the town was nice-and then on to JFK. It was a great trip and we didn’t have rain one day.

5 thoughts to “Quebec”

  1. They say Quebec City is the most European City in North America. I haven’t been there in so long and we’re so close. I really should plan a trip soon

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