Attention: Vendage

Attention: Vendage are signs on the outskirts of many villages around here now that the time has come to harvest the grapes and begin the process of making wine. There is also a sign showing that the roads may be slippery which you understand when you see the wet, purple streets six blocks or so in either direction from the co-op where the grapes are delivered. It is very common to find yourself stuck behind a tractor pulling a wagon full of grapes. The village is full of the fragrance of grape juice and I almost expect the air to be purple.

One of two co-ops located in la Tour d’Aigues.

Tractors waiting their turn to dump their grapes into the holding tank.

Backing up. The driver told us that this type of trailor won’t be used much anymore-his was old fashioned.

This sign was above the area where his grapes went.

The grapes go into this. I think they are immediately washed and pressed.

Don’t these look fabulous?

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