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Paris Quiz is the name of a new book coming out from The Little Bookroom Publishers who have put out quite a few books on Paris. This one is great for those who, like me, like obscure facts and trivia but with the focus on Paris it gets really interesting. The book is arranged by arrondissements and I enjoyed reading about the 12th where I live to see how much I knew.
An example: Until 1962, the entrance to the Bastille metro station was decorated with a kiosk built by Guimard, the shape of which evoked…
A-a frog
B-a dragonfly
C-a pagoda
The answer? C. Most of Guimard’s kisks evoke dragonfly wings, but two stations-Etoile and Bastille-enjoy particularly extravagant entrances. These veritable little pavilions include facades with panels of enameled lava, framed in cast iron jambs. The Bastille kiosk, with its multiple roofs set back from one another, took the form of a pagoda. It was destroyed in 1962.

Wouldn’t you love to have seen it?

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  1. Yes, I would have loved to see it. But, I’d love to see it now, even without the pagoda or the dragonflies. Are any of his designs left in Paris?

  2. Great info to add to your tours and share with all of us. I’d love to hop over and see the entrance even now.

  3. Hi Linda!

    I just LOVE Aix! Did you find the resto- Le Pain Quotidien just in the square of the marché?! I just love that resto…
    Aix is one of my favourite towns!!

    Take care,

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