Market Colors

The market in Aix seemed particularly colorful this time.

This is Provence so there have to be lavender products.

Yummy grapes. They always have seeds though. Maurice eats them seeds and all. I keep looking for seedless grapes which I occasionally find. I’m told they aren’t as flavorful.

Hard to beat a sunflower for color.

He bought some.

This makes great soup-tastes a bit like pumpkin, a bit like squash.

“I’ll take these please”. I wonder if she was going to make soup?

7 thoughts to “Market Colors”

  1. I love the markets over there! I wish that they had more of them here. They have a farmer’s market on the weekend, but I feel if they had fresh stuff available every day maybe people might eat better. (Yeah, in the land of fast food and tv dinners, ugh!)

  2. Love the markets. Even our farmers markets on the week-ends don’t look like these. The colors are gorgeous…great photos, Linda.

  3. I didn’t know that grapes with seeds have more flavor. Do know the seeds are good for one’s health though – so Maurice must be doing fine!!

    Raising a glass of red to you Linda – except it’s Italian, hope you don’t mind!

  4. I’ve been to that beautiful market in Aix. It’s one of the biggest and best in Provence. Do I remember correctly that one day (Thursday?) is the big flower market. The mushrooms you’ve pictured are fantastic. How I love the outdoor markets in France and you’ve captured them beautifully.

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