I can tell that Autumn is here when I start seeing mushrooms for sale. One vendor in Aix always has a great variety.

Here’s a shot of the mushrooms lined up.

These were huge.

I thought these looked like sponges.

Some mushrooms cut up and ready to go. I usually end up buying the ordinary white mushrooms called Champignons de Paris which were actually once just grown in Paris.

8 thoughts to “Mushrooms”

  1. I adore mushrooms! There is a mushroom vendor at our local market who has all sorts of interesting specimens, but he is very touchy about how close you are allowed to get to the mushrooms. You can only admire them from afar until you buy them — no close up sniffing or breathing in/on the mushrooms. And certainly no touching. Are they as sensitive in France?

  2. Well I certainly knew I had arrived in the South of France with all those beautiful mushrooms, the sunflowers and the grape co-operatives. The only thing missing was the olives!

  3. My mouth is watering! I love how Europeans celebrate mushrooms – gorgeous, earthy mushrooms. The touch, the smell and the taste. How wonderful to have such a selection! I love, love, love the strong, wild mushroom flavor in pasta. YUM!

  4. Oh how wonderful to have fresh mushrooms! Last year in Germany my cousin was showing my hubby which were good ones. They always taste so good fresh from the earth!

  5. Love wild mushroom risotto dressed with a splash of truffle oil!! Great variety at your markets – I remember well from last Oct. Can you believe it’s already a year since we met in Lourmarin – how time flies!!

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