Here are four photos I took in Paris before we left on our trip to the States. They aren’t connected, subject-wise, other than the fact that they were all in Paris.

These are giant pencils made of chocolate-getting ready for school then-in the window of (I think) Richard. They always have really interesting items in the window made of chocolate, sometimes full size sculptures of people.

I liked the colors of these cups and saucers.

I haven’t eaten here but I want to someday. It looks really romantic inside.

The clock tower of the Gare de Lyon railroad station. I’ve always loved the look of it. I took this photo through the window of the bus I was on which explains the strange coloring.

5 thoughts to “Four”

  1. Seriously? The pencils are made of chocolate? Wow, that’s cool. The photo itself is wonderful — knowing it’s chocolate makes it even more wonderful

  2. The chocolate pencils are amazing. You eat those? Yummmm. Love the little cups and saucers. Agree with above post-want them!
    When do you return from the country?

  3. Chocolate pencils? I better not let the grandkids know!! I love the colors of the cups and saucers. Very vibrant looking and just the thing for a fall day!

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