High Above

I haven’t been up to the top of the Eiffel Tower for a long time but the last time I was there with my daughter it was in the evening and there wasn’t any line to speak of so up we went.

From the bottom looking up. My daughter was surprised at how large it was. I always think it look rather delicate with the iron designs.

Far down below you can see the island where a copy of the Statue of Liberty is.

There had been a threat of rain earlier which left some clouds leading to a spectacular sky.

Loved the sun coming through the structure of the Eiffel Tower.

11 thoughts to “High Above”

  1. I love love LOVE the Eiffel Tower – when we were in Paris in March, I could NOT take enough photos of it! It’s like the French equivalent of the Matterhorn, in my opinion!

    I have a friend who will be in Paris later in October. Can you email me about a walking tour that she may participate in? Thank you.

  2. Great photos. Love the one of the sun coming through the structure. It’s like mixing steelworkers and artists together, the working class and the ephemeral thinkers merged together in a gorgeous structure.

  3. Love your photos Linda. Mine were mostly taken at night. The crowds were very large and we did not make the climb. What a reward for you and daughter to see the island and that gorgeous sunset. Beautiful.

  4. It is simply amazing how that was built. Certainly built much better than a lot of things these days!! I like all of the pictures since they are unique in their own way.

  5. I’ve enjoyed several rides to the top for those spectacular views however never done one at night. Your pics are beautiful Linda. Last time there was Summer 2007 and it was SO hot, we almost melted waiting to ascend – had to do it though for granddaughter Jasmin!

  6. your blog is breathtaking.. so glad i found it — reminds me of being in paris! i can;t wait to visit again~

    happily exploring around the blog community because i’m new (been meaning to introduce myself!) and finding new friends and blogs — would love to swap links or anything.


  7. When we went up last year there was a very long queue and it was freezing up there! Absolutely beautiful though. Lovely photos.

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