Luxembourg Gardens

The Luxembourg Gardens always look so nice. It must be because the Senate pays for its upkeep.

These urns are almost always full of flowers.

The Medici fountain is one of my favorite sites in the garden.

Another urn with its flowers reflected in the water of the fountain.

There’s a replica of the Statue of Liberty there too.

7 thoughts to “Luxembourg Gardens”

  1. Those are really great pictures, and I very much appreciate your posting them because that is one the places I am most interested in seeing when I get to go back to Paris. I haven’t been in decades and I was always more intereested in seeing and doing other things, so I’ve never actually seen them in person. That’s not a mistake I’ll make again. Lovely.

  2. The fountain and water reflections are beautiful. Great capture Linda. The gardens and urns of flowers are lovely. This is a must on my list for the next visit.

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