Elegance is a word I always think of as I walk around the streets of Aix-en-Provence. It is a city full of gorgeous architecture, many fountains and shopping galore.

Overhead on the corners of many buildings you are being watched over by saints, angels or Mary.

I love old shutters with vines growing alongside.

One of the fountains-Aix is full of them. I think this one is especially lovely.

See the little star? It’s actually made of sugar and you put it on the lip of the cup of tea or coffee and your guest can then put it into their drink. I thought it was really sweet.

7 thoughts to “Elegance”

  1. Your photos are lovely! Thank you for a beautiful glimpse of your life and country. I have always dreamed of visiting and your photos inly make my mouth water all the more! Tres magnifique!

  2. I like to take pictures of shutters too with vines especially when they turn that vibrant red color with fall. What a great idea with the sugar star!

  3. All interesting but the shutter and the vine especially so. Like your Paris pics and the pencils with the mugs is different. You have an artistic eye.

    As you asked, yes there are grotty towns here too. I just choose the nice ones to photo although my son when he was young walked around the east end of London looking for the most run down places to photo and they were interesting.

  4. Love that little sugar star!
    Aix-en-Provence…I have only “toured” there in the pages of M.F.K. Fisher’s wonderful narratives about her life there in the 50’s/60’s with her two young daughters….she loved the fountains too.

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