Surprise on Ile St Louis

I was showing my daughter around the area behind Notre Dame and on to Ile St Louis when I was surprised to see huge photos pasted on the walls in the area, temporary art that will slowly disappears as it rains-so I hear. The photos are of women, mostly their eyes and the art project is called Women Are Heros. Here is the site about it all.

This is a huge photo. I wonder how it was blown up and reproduced?

A single eye as you can see.

The way these eyes were placed, parts of the bridge looked like a nose and reminded me of ET.

I also saw this bride and groom being photographed there.

5 thoughts to “Surprise on Ile St Louis”

  1. I once saw Pascal Legitimus and his TV gang all dressed up as American tourists filming a segment of their comedy show by that big eye. I didn’t lnow who they were then, I just thought they were very weird, then I saw them on TV…

  2. I have seen similar artwork over here through some of my old emails. It was amazing what the artist drew. There is so much talent out there. That was a beautiful photo of the bride and groom too!

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