Art of a Kind

I’m not sure if I consider grafitti art but I guess it is in a way. I seem to see more and more of it in Paris, especially up on Montmartre.

I saw this one several times, usually on sidewalks.

This was glued up next to some advertisements announcing a tango show.

The Persian hands to the left are grafitti too.

I saw many of these around Paris, mostly in Montmartre, all painted in different ways. I guess the artist did a plaster paris of his face then made a solid face. They are cemented onto walls.

5 thoughts to “Art of a Kind”

  1. I saw lots of it around Paris …I thought lots of it was very good, so not offensive, quite enjoyed seeing it done in a tasteful manner. I took quite a few photos, still need to do the posts.

  2. Public art can be so amazing – this is way better than graffiti!

    Been away a lot – sorry I’m late catching up with you dear.

    Hope all is well and you are enjoying Autumn.

  3. I think sometimes it is – but not when it defaces property! Guess I can’t have it both ways. Anyway, enjoyed looking at these pieces of “art”!

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