The Colors of Roussillon

One of my favorite Provencial villages (I think I say that about several villages come to think of it) to visit is colorful Roussillon. Ochre was once mined here and the soil and the buildings are all shades of rust and ochre.

My favorite view of the church tower there.

The vines are starting to turn against this rustic wall.

A view from the top of Roussillon.

I liked the contrasting colors of these walls.

9 thoughts to “The Colors of Roussillon”

  1. The color on the buildings is so beautiful and the word “rust” just doesn’t fit, does it? It makes me think of dying steel rather than that beautiful shade. I prefer “ochre”

  2. I love Roussillon. We have a gorgeous photo we took of the full moon coming up over the red cliffs right in the middle of the village. The light was astounding.

  3. That looks like a lovely place to vist and I love the colors! Any time there is a vine with fall colors against an old building it is definitely worth taking a picture of it!

  4. I remember it well – a beautiful hilltop town – as we rounded a bend in the road I sighed, remembering all I’d read about it, hardly believing it was there glowing in the sunshine on that lovely October day last year.

  5. Oh Rousillon! Check out my blog/website for some posting also. The one I love most is of my 89 year old aunt who just returned from a week’s painting trip… wonderful inspiration for us all!

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