I love Ansouis. It’s almost always first on my list to show guests.

A turret on the chateau there.

There’s a lovely little chapel attached to the chateau and it has several chandeliers hanging inside.

The statue of a saint-unknown to me. Doesn’t it look like she is wearing blue eye shadow? I think it may just be the light coming in from the stained glass window.

I love it when leaves turn red. This was on a wall in Ansouis.

7 thoughts to “Ansouis”

  1. Sounds like an interesting place — and not on the usual tourist track! Have never been to Provencle but we hope to go there someday. The chapel looks ovely.

  2. Looks beautiful; I’ll make the trip out the next time I’m in Aix. The chandelier looks all the better for the fading plasterwork behind.

  3. The chandelier and aging paint are so beautiful – the santo gorgeous – I’d love to see that place up close. I hope so much to come back Linda – I think about it all the time!

  4. Such a beautiful place and to think that they have all those chandeliers! The statue does look like she has blue eyeshadow; did you see which way the light was coming from?

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