Marseille Cathedral

Overlooking the city of Marseille is a beautiful cathedral which must have been seen as sailors returned from their trips out into the sea. There are many paintings in the church telling of miracles as people prayed to Mary of this cathedral. It’s really worth the very uphill climb to see it. We took a little tourist train down by the harbor to get to the top.

Mary on top of the cathedral watching over the harbor below.

Incredible views up there.

The interior is fabulous.

I liked the angels under the dome.

There are models of ships hanging from the ceiling all over the church.

8 thoughts to “Marseille Cathedral”

  1. We’ve never been to Marseille, thinking it is more big, dirty city, but it looks like we’ve missed out on some beautiful sights. Are you travelling constantly to see all of these places, or do you save some pictures from your various visits?

  2. Wow! I think that my neck would be sore the next day, because I don’t think that I could stop looking at all that beauty.
    Take Care!

  3. Have been to Marseilles (we have friends who live just outside) but haven’t seen the inside of that cathedral yet. You can really see the Moorish influence in the architecture. So colorful and beautiful!

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