Someone asked if I traveled a lot. The answer: not always but this summer we had quite a few guests and we always take them around to show our favorite areas of Provence. Plus, we are retired so can be free to hit the road pretty much whenever we want. Getting my French driver’s license pretty much wiped out a lot of an travel but once it was over, off we went.
When my daughter was here, after visiting the smaller villages near our home, we went to Marseille and then Nice before driving her to Lugano to stay with my son. This summer, and early fall, seemed to be full of many more trips here and there.
I think Nice has to have one of the loveliest settings of the cities and towns on the Cote d’Azur. It curves around the huge Bay of Angels and is full of fabulous architecture-especially in Old Nice.

A tin of fruit for sale-very colorful.

I wonder how many photos I have taken of the vivid buildings in Nice with laundry hanging out to dry?

It was hard to get a good angle for a photo of the carving on this building because the street was so narrow. It’s Adam and Eve for some reason.

A view of the beach. Notice the pebbles-there is no sand.

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  1. I have never been around Nice, only flew in there before driving to Italy. Must be great living in France, so many roads to the rest of Europe…!

  2. Love the cathedral pics. Amazing how some places have washing/laundry hanging in the front streets. I guess if you are in an apartment there is not much choice if you want to dry outside. love the building colour.

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