Nice Again

Not only did we visit Nice with my daughter, but we also went and met Maurice’s sisters there a couple of weeks later. They were there locating old houses where they once lived. Maurice was born in Nice, raised on a farm by his grandmother near Grasse and then went to school there until high school when he moved to Paris. We’re getting so we know the old section of Nice really well now. We were able to find a house they lived in way on top of a hill overlooking Nice. As children, they had to climb that hill twice a day, once for lunch and once after school. It was a real hike-we did it. I took photos but it is only interesting if you once lived there, believe me.

I liked the color and shapes on this building.

A typical street in Vieux Vielle, old Nice. Isn’t it lovely?

Olive oil for sale.

These water colors were for sale in a window. I didn’t go in the shop though.

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  1. Like the name of your blog and your writing/photo’s! If ever I’m visiting France, you must be our family’s trip planner!!

  2. I love it that they can still squeeze some tables and chairs into that narrow street where in North America they go crazy if we use up too much of a 2 lane street for a sidewalk cafe

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