A Tale of Two Cities 2

The second city we went to after Marseille was Montpellier. This is one city I’ve never managed to visit and I have to say that it was a wonderful place. The old city if full of interesting streets and shops and there is a central area called Place de la Comedie which I’m sure was much more beautiful before bisected by the tramway which runs there. I took the tramway from a huge new shopping mall into Montpellier. It was new and clean and there is a train every five minutes. I was really impressed with this city. It is packed with young people being a university city which makes it lively and full of places to eat and drink.

The opera house on Place de la Comedie.

Just one of many places to sit for a drink or a bite to eat.

One of the delightful narrow streets tempting you to explore. The best one, in my opinion, lined with really great shops was Rue de l’Ancien Courrier.

Archways always get me.

A street called Arms of Iron. Why I don’t know, but I did buy something in a shop on this street-my only purchase. Some used books at the Book and Bar. That’s the kind of shopper I am.

8 thoughts to “A Tale of Two Cities 2”

  1. I love the narrow streets and the stairways in these last 2 posts. Realise I have missed some so have been scrolling through lots.
    Was also surprised to see I missed your meeting with Mary last year. What fun. Now what was wrong with hair. Looked nice to me.

  2. We’re home. Love the archways; would love to stop for awhile at the tables on the steps; narrow streets are interesting. Great photos Linda. Thanks.

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