A Last Look At Autumn

We have left Provence for the winter and are now in Paris where, of course, you also see all of the loveliness of Fall but it was especially beautiful in Provence. I guess I see more of Autumn there as we live out in the country. I will have to go visit the Luxembourg Gardens and look at their Autumn flowers. It’s always wonderful there. Anyway, here are some photos I took in Provence before we left.

Not all of the grape vines turn this lovely yellow and red color-some just turn brown. Everyday I drove past this vineyard I was taken with the sun shining through the leaves and finally stopped, got out of my car, and took a photo. There were still some grapes left too that were missed by the harvesting machines.

We made a trip to Cucuron on a beatiful Fall day. I just love the basin there smoothly reflecting the trees.

A breath taking sunset taken from the top of the village.

I especially loved this view of the country below with the vineyards dressed in yellow.

7 thoughts to “A Last Look At Autumn”

  1. Linda, Don’t you guys have that backward? Aren’t you supposed to go to the warm south in the winter and the north in the summer? Just curious, why do you winter in Paris. Either way, it sounds like a dream life. I can’t wait to see more of your pictures from Paris.

  2. The fall colors and basin reflections are gorgeous. Any time Paris is lovely. Summers in Provence get you away from the heat in Paris and all the tourists. Room to spread out and enjoy that pool.

  3. We were in Provence early October, then Paris. And in Paris last December. Not surprisingly, it’s not hard to be happy in both places any time of the year – just like the old song.

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