Autumn in the Tuleries

Falling Autumn leaves can be seen all over Paris. I think the best place to find the beauty of Fall is in one of the large gardens of Paris, in this case the Tuleries Garden.

A look at how the trees are trimmed in military lines. The Tuleries garden doesn’t have as many trees as the Luxembourg Garden. There’s a big wide area in the middle of the garden and they were doing some paving there.

They put up a ferris wheel once a year in this area.

Some art in the fountain in the Tuleries. It looks like drum cymbals to me, being unschooled in modern art. I had gone to the Tuleries to look for some statues there but they were already gone.

Seagulls-I guess they come up the river from the ocean-taking advantage of a place to rest.

I don’t know if this man fell asleep this way or was just trying to get a tan on his throat but it looked uncomfortable.

6 thoughts to “Autumn in the Tuleries”

  1. My guess is that the man raised his face to the sun. I’ve felt that way before. Like thanksgiving for the sun’s warmth.
    I agree. The art looks like cymbals, and apparently the seagulls were not impressed.

  2. Ah, the ferris wheel….I wonder if it is the same one my husband and I rode in the Summer of 2001, there at the Tuileries. It is interesting to see the trees in autumn. And I love that art in the pond…the seagulls add a nice touch.

  3. I love autumn too! The ferris wheel was there when I went in Aug/Sept…I wondered why it was there, and there was a fair.

    Oh yes I would love to see Jardin de Luxembourg in the autumn, I have seen spring and summer 🙂

  4. Catching up with your recent travels to many beautiful places Linda. Your pics are lovely and it’s obvious Autumn has Provence and the South in its grip now. I loved the vineyards last year – the colors were amazing and fortunately I saw it all prior to really chilly weather moving in.

    So you’re in Paris now for the holidays and much of coming Winter. I’m envious naturally…….where else is as lovely and the streets of a city so interesting?

    Enjoy Thanksgiving – and each day.
    Love and hugs from Bob and Mary.

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