Chasing Yellow

For Autumn, my favorite garden is the Luxembourg Garden. The urns overspill with mums and there are yellow leaves everywhere. I was almost too late to find any left on the trees but found a few.

A view of a curved lineup of mums in urns.

The mums don’t tumble out of the urns naturally in this fashion-there are wire frames underneath.


This lady doing some sketching in the garden caught my eye as her jacket matched the Fall leaves.

And here she goes heading out of the park. I guess I was sort of stalking her, mainly because she was carrying some yellow flowers but she was moving too fast and at one point turned around to look at something.

8 thoughts to “Chasing Yellow”

  1. You stalker you! I’m always embarrassed when I am taking someone’s photo (due to some aesthetically interesting thing about them, like that their coat matches the fall leaves) and they happen to turn around at that moment. It’s happened once or twice.

    (I hasten to add I am always careful that their faces cannot be seen and they can’t be ID’d if I post their photo…)

    Luxembourg in the autumn is so different from its lush summertime green, which is the only time I saw it, but still beautiful.

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