Searching For Signs of Christmas

I’ve been looking into shop windows in Paris checking for Christmas decorations. I’m not sure how many are actually out but it’s starting. I always take a look in the windows of Laduree, the famous pastry and tea shop, and they didn’t look particularly Christmasy to me but, as always, they were great.

The front door has Christmas decorations.

A view of one of the windows.

I love these boxes.

These macarons are covered with gold leaf. Isn’t that little container fabulous?

4 thoughts to “Searching For Signs of Christmas”

  1. Festive holiday window displays are something I adore and look forward to seeing each year even if I do have to trek into NYC to see them.
    have a glorious weekend.

  2. More windows, please….as they decorate for the holidays. We miss that and so many other wonderful sights and scenes from Paris. Love to see it through your lens.

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