A Few From the Marais

I find the Marais to be one of the most interesting places to visit in Paris. There is so much interesting architecture and lovely gardens hidden here and there.

The back of the church of St Paul St Louis.

Inside the church looking upward into the dome where you see the sun, the sign of King Louis XIV who became St Louis-a very religious king.

A window of a wedding planning shop on Rue des Rosiers. I like to take photos of couples in front of this one.

Isn’t this pretty? It’s on the grounds of the Carnavalet Museum.

5 thoughts to “A Few From the Marais”

  1. I’ve never been inside that church, quite a magnificent dome from what I can see in your photo. One thing though… I think you “merged” two Louis’ together. Louis IX was actually the one who became Saint Louis because of his extreme religious conviction during the Crusades, and Louis XIV was the “Sun King” who built (among other things) the palace at Versailles. But how curious they would have the sun in the dome of that “Saint Louis” church, so I could see how easy it would be to get the two confused. And France sure did have an awful lot of Louis’ as kings over the centuries… like 19 of them I think? Even after they beheaded the 16th one with Marie Antoinette?

    Geez… I’m amazed I even knew that bit of French history trivia. Maybe I’m integrating better than I thought. I’m currently freaking out a bit, because I got “elected” (ha! there was no “vote”, I think they drew names out of a hat) onto the “town council” in the 18th to represent the non-EU residents in my “quartier” of the 18th, and Monday is the first meeting (they emailed me yesterday about it – nothing like a little WARNING) and I know I’m going to be completely overwhelmed by all the French chatter and won’t understand one flipping word. Don’t ask me why I signed up for such self-abuse but it was Georges’ idea to give me more proof of my efforts to integrate, so it seemed like a good idea. Then I found out this is for a FOUR YEAR PERIOD (of course, I can quit if I need to). What did I get myself into? At least there are only about 3 meetings a year and I can miss up to 2 in a row without getting booted off the council. I’m just praying there is at least one other person in that room who speaks English well.

  2. The garden is very pretty Linda and I like that we can see you in the photo of the window. Your blog fills me with a special sort of longing…..

  3. Wow – what a nice “trip” i had visiting you today! I especially love the garden photo — and the “bride and groom” window – with a FISH?!

  4. I treasure the photo we have from in front of that wedding planne’s window-lovely anniversary trip to Paris. Thanks, Linda.

    We emjoyed wandering through the Marais.

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