The Orsay Museum

I am always struck anew by the beauty of the Orsay Museum each time I visit. It’s such a grand building-once a railroad station in the days when they built them with great architectural gorgeousness.

A view from the third level. The purple objects on the left are some exhibit being set up.

A closeup of the decorative tile on the ceiling. Each is over one foot wide to give you an idea of the size of the building.

I love this clock. It’s huge.

Another clock which can also be seen from the outside. I like its transparency.

7 thoughts to “The Orsay Museum”

  1. I LOVE that building, and can’t wait to see it in person.

    I haven’t been to France since they moved the Impressionist art there, and I was very disappointed when they moved it. Because the original building was so close to the Louvre and it seemed more convenient. But, really, who has time to see the Louvre AND another museum the same day. And once I saw that building, I was in love.

    So thank you very much for posting these photos. I always enjoy your photos, but the ones of this museum are always special.

  2. Old buildings to me are always so fascinating! All the detail work on them. I really like the first clock and all the ornate detail to it. So pretty!
    Take Care!

  3. With that last clock, if you stand in the right spot and have very clear weather, you can see Sacre Coeur through the glass and it might even show up in your photo. Very cool. I love this museum, too, both the collection AND the architecture. Isn’t it wonderful they didn’t tear down the train station; they just transformed it!

  4. This building and its contents are fantastic. I was lost inside the last time but that enabled me to view beautiful things I might have missed!

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Linda –
    Best wishes from Bob.
    Hugs – Mary

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