Paris On Ice

A friend and I were strolling down the Champs Elysees in a soft rain the other evening and found the lower portion to be lined with a Christmas market on either side of the road full of Christmas items and things to eat and drink. Then we happened upon temporary building which displayed ice sculptures, mostly of famous French landmarks and art and, dispite what I thought was a high price, we went in. It was so cold-it must have been well below freezing to keep the ice from melting-that we could only stand it for ten minutes or so. When I walked outside my glasses immediately fogged up and stayed that way for about ten minutes.
I’m always amazed by ice sculptures, especially with special lighting.

Venus di Milo.

Arc de Triumph in pink. Not life size but still impressive.

A piano player with a life size piano.

Of course there has to be an Eiffel Tower.

They had a bar made of ice as well and sold vodka, an alcohol always good at freezing temperatures.

11 thoughts to “Paris On Ice”

  1. So it’s still warm in Paris? Because here inside the building to keep it frozen would have been warmer than the outside. I think the Arc de Triomphe was most impressive. Maybe because I like the pink light.

  2. How absolutely stunning…I think they are all brilliant, but the Arc de Triomphe stands out the most..I think it is the pink light too!

  3. Those are wonderful ice sculptures! Only in Paris … but maybe we’ll have some here in Vancouver for the Winter Olympics in February.

  4. Thanks, Linda. The ice scultures are amazing. Echoing Carolyn…the photos are superb. Thanks for taking us along.

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