Window Shopping

A few windows I saw on Avenue George V, shops full of items I can’t afford but I like to look.

How would you like to wear these? They were in the Louis Vuitton window and priced at a couple of thousand euros.

I thought this store looked especially elegant.

The outline of the head of a reindeer in the Hermes window. I don’t know if you can tell, but that skirt next to it is made of short fur.

The Louis Vuitton windows were full of neon light figures. The store was totally packed. I’d kind of like a Louis Vuitton purse but I’m too cheap, and poor, to really seriously consider it.

16 thoughts to “Window Shopping”

  1. I couldn’t even tell they were shoes, and that had nothing to do with your photography. I know some women love designer purses, but I don’t get the thrill. I’ve heard there are places you can rent designer purses.

  2. Oh Linda, having been to Paris a couple of times I know the shops you show here and like you I can only window shop, they look lovely. I don’t know if I could walk in those shoes though!!!!!!!!

  3. These windows are stunning. Love them all. Thanks, Linda. Nothing like Paris windows for the holidays.

  4. Hmmmm, I would have a hard time dishing out that much money, and I love shoes! Although I think I could pass on those!! I do like to window shop though….

  5. Jasmin and I are amazed at the shoes in the windows here in New York…….beautiful, but totally unwearable! The most amazing array of boots though and how we need them with all the snow!!

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