Around The Louvre

I was taking photos outside of the Louvre Museum the other day, one of my favorite places to take photos.

Across Rue Rivoli right across from the Louvre was this huge screen put up to hide the renovation work going on the building which is a large complex of shops selling antiques. I thought the red ribbon for Christmas was a nice touch.

Then I noticed that there was an artist up there painting the screen. I couldn’t tell if there was some sort of outlines for him or her to follow but there must have been for such a huge canvas.

I wonder how many photos I have taken from this spot-the pyramid seen through the arch entering into the courtyard.

The pyramid always looks great reflecting in the water.

9 thoughts to “Around The Louvre”

  1. Nice shot of the arch and the pyramid beyond it; you can see how decorative they were with the stonework on the palace. Really cool that you saw a man actually PAINTING that big canvas!

  2. I want to have your photo sense and stop to think, I should take a photo through the arch. I should take a photo of the reflection in the water. I learn so much from you. Thanks!

  3. I just love it that they go to the trouble of beautifying even the construction sites in Paris! And wouldn’t that be a wonderful job, painting the screen? I think so anyway.

    Your shot through the arch to the pyramid is fantastic.

  4. Snow is so pretty, you can be anywhere in the world and snow makes it all look so serene. We’re getting over a foot here in southcentral pa, so pretty, but its not Paris!!!

  5. I love the arch and the pyramid beyond it-great photo, Linda. Thanks for going out in the “cold” to capture more photos for us.

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