Chute de Neige

In other words, it has been snowing in Paris. We’ve gotten about four inches or so. I didn’t go to some of the major monuments to take photos but I did venture out into my own neighborhood.

Snow seems to make the city seem more quiet. This is a street near us.

A Christmas tree for sale at a nearby florist. I’m sure the snow will help refresh it so it won’t be so dry.

I liked how these branches looked criss-crossing and layered with snow.

Many bikes and motor cycles were covered with snow. I’m glad I didn’t have to get out and ride a bike somewhere.

11 thoughts to “Chute de Neige”

  1. Snow is so very pretty! Yesterday it was 42 degrees here – that’s 107.6 F. I think I’d rather ride my bike in the cold….

  2. Snow in Paris! Must be a very beautiful sight since it’s such a rare phenomenon there, right? Or is it a result of global warming? Hmm…

  3. I was up in Paris the week before — would have loved to have seen it “sous la neige.” But then again, since I flew up, I likely never would have gotten there…

  4. Seems all the major cities both here on the East coast and there in Europe are having snow, and more snow! We awoke to 10″ here in NYC yesterday – today it was so mushy and slushy to walk around!! Good thing Bob treated Jasmin and me to waterproof boots!

  5. Makes everything beautiful….unless you have to drive or work! Missing the East coast-tho not all the snow they have now. Christmas in SoCal just not the same.

    Enjoy you holidays in Paris. Merry Christmas Linda.

  6. How come snow is oh-so-pretty in France and a pain in the butt in Canada?

    Must be because we get it in increment of 20 cm we must shovel in order to get out of the house. Must be. 😆

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