Christmas at George V

Whenever I’m in the area, I like to stop by the George V hotel and see what’s new with the flower arrangements. The flower person is actually an American that I met once. He gets a million euros a year just to buy the flowers and he makes stunning arrangements. There aren’t flowers in the lobby at Christmas but sort of permanent arrangements, probably so the staff can take December off.

A sort of modern Christmas tree shape.

A different view with some large Christmas balls in front.

Black and red. I’m seeing a lot of this used around Paris right now. A French lady told me that the French don’t use green and red for Christmas decorations like the English and Americans do. Now that I think about it, I usuall see a lot of silver, gold and white.

Look how they decorated the courtyard. Rather fabulous.

14 thoughts to “Christmas at George V”

  1. I am reeling in the fact that one million euros a year are spent for flowers and arranging and one man…one man, gets this salary? Am I doing something wrong? That is amazing. There are some beautiful careers in the world.

  2. Only at Christmas………walking through golden balls while being dusted with snowflakes, how perfect!

    Linda dear, hope the holidays will be fabulous for you, Maurice and your family.

  3. Love the photos, gold balls, red accents. Very artistic and you always capture it well!

    Hope you can be with the son and family for the holidays. Merry Christmas to you and Maurice.

  4. Wow, striking indeed! Great photos, too.

    What is it with these huge balls? Changi Airport in Singapore also had enormous balls on display as per photos I posted a couple weeks ago.

    Interesting re black and red vs. red and green. Somehow green Christmas trees and red Santas will always be Christmas colors to me.

    Cheers and happy Christmas!

  5. Thank you for showing us how striking some “non-traditional” Christmas decorations can be – so very chic – so very French!!

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