Winter Light

The light in the Winter always seems special to me. I love the slant of it and the long shadows that occur. I especially like Winter light on the streets of Paris.

A quiet street illuminated by the winter sun.

The last of some leaves on a tree with the sun highlighting their color.

I probably wouldn’t have noticed these trees if the light hadn’t caught my eye as I trudged up a street looking for a Christmas present for Maurice.

I turned a corner in the Marais area and was greeted by this fabulous sky.

9 thoughts to “Winter Light”

  1. The sun in winter is like an old friend, isn’t it? Lucky you that it came out to greet you while you were “trudging” along a street. Did you find something great for Maurice?

  2. I love the narrow streets. It says it’s a city built for and around people — not a city built around cars like most North American cities.

  3. I like the first pictures, mostly also because I rarely see empty streets in Paris!

    You are right, winter light is quite special.

  4. Here the wind is howling and it is 14F out. About a foot of snow on the ground. But our winter light can be extraordinary, we get the bluest skies you’ve ever seen in the winter.

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