Happy 2010!

Is it just me or did 2009 go by very, very quickly? It certainly doesn’t seem like 12 months since last New Year. I have trouble remembering what all I did. Mostly my memories seem to be of studying for the French driver’s license this summer, from May to October. I managed to pass it much to my amazement and great relief but it seems to have eclipsed all of my other memories to oblivion. I vaguely remember going to Ville Franche to improve my French. I remember visitors to our house in Provence. We did go to New York for several weeks which I enjoyed. The rest is a blur. With each year I age, time passes more quickly. I wonder why that is?

I stopped making New Year Resolutions some time ago. It seemed like an exercise in futility and lead to a little depression wondering why I could never follow through. Then I learned about picking just one word to focus on all year. It really does seem to bring great things into your life. My word for this year? ‘Exciting’. I love that feeling when something fabulous happens. I hoping for some really exciting things (exciting in a good way) this year. I already know one-Maurice and I are traveling to India for three weeks the end of January. It’s hard to get more exciting than that.

I had my son and his family over for a New Year’s Eve dinner and was just barely awake at midnight. I would have loved to have seen the special light show at the Eiffel Tower but when the news said they were expecting 500,000 people to be there I decided to stay warm and safe at home.

I wish for all of you a wonderful new year filled with joy, health and exciting new things. Thanks for joining me here all year in the blog world. How interesting and, yes, exciting it has been for me.

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  1. Happy New Year to you, Aunt Linda. Yes, 2009 past by in a blink of an eye, so were the years before it!

    India sounds great. Which part of it you’re going to?

  2. Exciting is a very bold word. Good for you because I think I would be afraid to choose it. I’m still at the phase where I ask for calm rather than exciting. I can’t wait to see where it leads you. India is a great start.

  3. Happy New year Linda ..to you and your family.

    You had a pretty exciting year (2009)….and what a start to the New Year by travelling to India!

    My memories of 2009 are ..PARIS PARIS ..and all the bloggers I met there..and walking around and seeing all the wonderful places, meeting up with people..who I now call friends. And another trip I went on with my hubby to France, Alsace area..not Paris but still FRance šŸ™‚

  4. Bonne Annee Linda!
    2009 was a blur for me also. Sounds like 2010 will be exciting for you and I can’t wait to read about the trip to India.
    Safe travels,
    XO Peg

  5. Fortunately for us, we have our blogs to look back on to remind us of what we’ve been doing all year. For many people, living in France would be pretty darned eventful and exciting already. You’re already living other people’s dreams

  6. I wish you would make one resolution and that would be to visit us and post at Readers and Reading!!!! I miss you being there.

  7. Happy New Year! Exceptional photos today šŸ™‚ I enjoyed them.
    And India? How fantastic! Er, I mean exciting šŸ˜‰ Can’t wait to see the pics.

  8. Bob and I send you very best wishes for a wonderfully ‘exciting’ New Year Linda. Your upcoming trip will certainly be a big step in the direction of excitement I’m certain – make sure you show us pics along the way!

    Bon Voyage……….Bonne Annee.
    Hugs – Mary

  9. Wow, India is definitely exciting!

    I think there’s a mathematical reason the years keep going by faster — something about now a year is, say, 1/40th (ahem) of our life instead of a four year-old when a year is a fourth of his or her life. The smaller fraction goes faster, or at least seems to, or something!

    Cheers and happy 2010 to you and Maurice.

  10. Yes indeed. I have no idea where 2009 went. It was a blur albeit a lot of fun-I think! Happy New Year, Linda to you and Maurice. How fun to have part of the family so near.

    Oh, India sounds fabulous. I have a blogger friend that I met up with in NYC 2 years ago who just returned. He has some interesting pictures posted. Let me know if you want his blog ID.

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