I’d never managed to make it to the Natural History Museum (palentology), found in the Jardin des Plantes, here in Paris until my grandchildren visited. Children love nothing more than giant skeletons left from animals living now and those dinosaurs. They were so excited. I not only enjoyed seeing them myself being a lover of fossils since my own childhood, but I also enjoyed the old building in which they are housed. It was a great place to visit.

A giraffe.

The vertebra of a whale. Sort of goes on forever.

A closeup of the metal work on the two balconies that overlooked the huge room holding the bones.

A dinosaur seen from up above whose tail has to be supported on another table.

A frontal view of a mamouth showing some of the great room where everything is placed.

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  1. My children would LOVE to go there! We have a book about a museum with dinosaur bones in it so when I suggested a trip to the museum in town once, Toby was very keen. Our country town museum has nothing so exciting as dinosaur bones and he was so disappointed!

  2. Those skeletons are great. We usually see dinosaur bones, but not those of animals living today. I’m not sure how we missed those when we were in Paris. Isn’t the zoo there also? I think that’s where we went when the kids were little and two mountain lions were mating so we had to explain that!

  3. What a great museum! My son and I enjoy looking at dinosaurs and fossils, so this will be a place to see. I will have to put this down as a must see when in Paris.

  4. It’s amazing, I practically grew up in museums in DC when I was a child. But now, when I see these bones, I find it totally mesmerizing.

  5. We have a museum close to Atlanta called Fernbanks. I remember my daughter loved it when as a child she went on a school trip there. One way for children to learn something one on one instead of tv!

  6. I actually thought the one in the 1st picture is a dinosaur! LOL! They do look quite similar, don’t they?

    I used to love dinosaurs, and memorized the names, characteristics, sizes of the creatures when I was young. But since then, I’ve outgrown my interest. I prefer history and cultural stuff now. 🙂

  7. My husband and I got “lost” in the Marais one day trying to find the Place Saint Catherine (spelling probably wrong on that!)….it was a nice kind of lost and we did eventually find where we were going.

    Interesting little red and white room for that toilet!

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