le Marais

The Marais is such a great area to explore. I think I’ve posted photos like these more than once but here they are again. Just some things that always catch my eye.

This carving has been preserved on a building that had the rest of it renovated. I’m glad they saved it. It once advertised a man who did knife sharpening. Why he is winking and holding a wine glass, I don’t know.

This is above a door and I think it is especially elegant.

A castle which started out as a building for the Catholic church, then was lived in by royalty and is now a library.

This toilet isn’t actually in the Marais but in a bistro in my neighborhood. I just thought it was very cheerful looking in its red and white tile. Notice that the toilet doesn’t have a seat. That’s very common in France. I think the French don’t think seats are sanitary and don’t sit anyway-sort of hover. I’m just glad to find a toilet and not one of those turkish toilets which is a hole in the floor.

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  1. Great photos Linda. As a librarian my favourite is that library castle. And I thought I worked in a nice library…..

  2. Love that public toilet!!! Snazzy. I have been known to walk miles in agony to avoid a Turkish toilet.

  3. Hi Linda, wishing you a Happy New Year and a wonderful trip to India. I found India beautiful and wonderful but at times very troubling.
    The Marais is also one of my favorite places in Paris.
    For some reason I cannot connect to your email from your wedpage. My computer isn’t set up correctly. Perhaps you could email me sometime and I could add you to my address book. I’m not sure when I will be back in France, but I remember our visit to the Christmas market. I hope to see you again whenever we are both in Provence at the same time.

  4. I’m French… and never sit on toilets in France! Most of them aren’t as cheery and fun as this one pictured too πŸ˜‰

    The Marais is indeed a fun neighborhood to explore.

  5. The Marais is indeed a wonderful part of Paris; it still has that slightly bohemian air, even while parts of it are long since gentrified. I like the toilet too… although it must feel like relieving yourself inside a Bridget Riley painting.

  6. I’m getting so excited for our trip. Thanks for the little teasers that keep me adding more and more things to my list of things to do and see.

  7. Beautiful! Ha, I had to giggle at the missing toilet seat (at first I thought it was a bidet). When we were in Rennes, the kid had to use the toilet while we were shopping. Since the French are very good at public toilets, there was one close by. To his horror, there was no toilet seat! He came out asking “How to the Japanese do it?” ha!

  8. Great photos. Love the bathroom….not sure I could hover, but would have to learn.

    We loved the short time we had to visit the Marais-so please post as many pictures of the area as you want. LOVE looking at them.

  9. That looks like a wonderful place to visit! However, I sure would not want to be not feeling well in that bathroom as I would probably get dizzy!!

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