I’ve Got Nothing

It has been bitterly cold here in Paris, so much so that I haven’t really been out with my camera at all except for a few shots here and there of snow. I’ve had to go back in all of my saved photos to see if I had something I could post about. Many of the more recent ones are Christmas windows but I am so finished with the holidays and glad they are behind us. I lugged our dead Christmas tree down three flights of stairs and put away all of our decorations. I’m ready for a bright new year, a clean slate and excited about what lies ahead. So what are the photos?

I’ve got photos of a shop that makes perfume and saw these wonderful containers to hold the new brews. I can’t remember where I took the photos, I think maybe in the Marais.

The window was full of interesting things.

I thought these decorative containers were so cute.

Nice mirror too.

7 thoughts to “I’ve Got Nothing”

  1. its hot where I am – 42c today. The heat dulls creativity too.

    may I ask – what is the name of that wonderful shop and do they have a website!
    As my name can tell you — I adore perfume! LOL

  2. That looks almost like a Faberge egg – so beautiful.

    Linda, I’m thinking about you going off to India soon – you must be excited. It will be hot I’m sure………not like Paris AND Provence where I see there has been snow. Corey showed La Madone in Apt with lots of the white stuff – much different than when I was there – so pretty though!!

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