Is there anything better than chocolate? I don’t think so. It was once considered medicinal-cures what ailes me, that’s for sure-and it was too expensive at one time for us common folk. Of course, walking into one of the famous chocolate shops in Paris can give you a price shock as most of it is hand made, but you will get a taste that you will always remember.
As the temperatures in Paris have started warming up, I finally got out of the apartment and did a little exploring. The area around Blvd. St Germain is full of interesting shops and one that I entered was Debauve and Gallais, famous for their chocolate.

Since this shop was founded after the Revolution, I had to think what kings would be present after 1800. It turns out to be Louis XVIII, Charles X and Louis Phillipe. None of them reigned very long during the turbulent years that followed the Revolution. I guess it’s a real feather in your cap to say that a king ate your chocolate. I think it’s very big in England if Queen Elizabeth is your customer too.

Two hundred years of chocolate goodness.

A look at what is for sale inside the shop.

A box of chocolate in their window.

13 thoughts to “Chocolate”

  1. I think I’ll make that picture of the chocolates my screen saver. Yum!! Back when I was thinner, I had a theory that it was fine to eat chocolate as long as you only ate the expensive stuff. That way, you got the best quality and you couldn’t afford a lot of it. Now I’m way too satisfied with M&Ms.

  2. There’s nothing better that I can think of! I only bother with really good chocolate these days and that shop looks right up my alley. Lucky for my waistline that I live on the other side of the world……

  3. The chocolate shops in Paris are amazing..the ones my friend and I visited when staying over in the 16th were out of this world.

    Not quite sure of the Rue, but it was on the way to Champs Elysee. We were in awe but what a price.

    I was sent a lovely box of chocolates for Christmas, a great friend in Japan ordered them from Oxford…! They are Neuhaus…:-)

  4. I know this shop and their chocolate is wonderful but…. expensive!
    I love that horseshoe bench with the chocolates all the way round.
    Really worth seeking out if you go to Paris.

  5. Love the chocolate box. Can’t quite make out the writing or what they are doing but, I like the general old fashioned look to it.
    Lovely photos as usual.

  6. I used to live two doors from the best chocolatier in Nantes, very old shop which always put amazing display of chocolate “art” at the window.

    Needless to say, I’m addicted to good chocolate!

  7. This is truly mouth watering 🙂
    We have a very few chocolateries like this here in Trondheim, and I love them. Both one of my sons and one of my daughters gave me handmade chocolate for Christmas. I still have some left.

  8. The chocolates look wonderful! And the box as well. Don’t they have the most beautiful chocolate boxes in Paris? The last time I was there, I bought chocolates solely because of the wonderful box, which features an old hot-air-ballooning scene in Belle Epoche Paris. (well, maybe not SOLELY!) I keep it in my laundry room, and while I’m doing far more prosaic things I can lift the lid and be transported by the lingering scent of long-gone chocolate.

  9. I’m not a huge chocolate fan, but these do look delish! I’m more excited to hear that the weather is already warming up in Paris!

  10. I do love chocolate, and when my body says it wants a piece of chocolate then I’ll have some. Yet if I was to live anywhere near there I think it would be more often than I should! Then if I walk everywhere I would be walking it off!!!

  11. Are chocolate years like dog years? Or perhaps vice versa…it feels like 7 years since you’ve had chocolate, but it’s really only a few hours.

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