A Look in Some Windows

There are always pleasant surprises and lovely things to look at in the windows of shops in Paris.

Aren’t these cakes amazing? I have no idea what the flavor is, I suspect some fruit is involved. I’ve never bought one of these but I sure am tempted.

There was a full set of plates and serving dishes like this seen in a window of an antique shop. They were made in the 1800’s.

This chair wasn’t in a window but in a book store. I really like it probably because it’s sort of art deco. It looks like it could be used in a Disney movie in the part of a talking chair as the design on the end of the arms looks like hands to me.

10 thoughts to “A Look in Some Windows”

  1. You have such a flair for noticing the little things and making them special. Yum to the cakes and I think the chair looks uncomfortable.

  2. Hi – are you really frenchless in France? Last time I visited Paris I found every time I spoke in French the reply was invariably in English – unlike my first visits forty years ago.

  3. Hi –
    The chair is a copy of a Gaudi chair. It’s called the Calvet chair as it was designed for Casa Calvet. Authorized copies have been made for at least the last 10 – 15 years. They are now listing at about 12,000 dollars but I’m sure could be talked down a bit. It may look like a strange chair but when you sit in one everything fits just right – Gaudi was a master at the natural world.

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