The Sun Came Out!

Paris doesn’t get a lot of sun and this winter has been very gray and wet so there is a lot of joy when the clouds break and those golden rays rain down.

An entrance at the back of Palais Royal with the sun streaming in. There is all sorts of work going on in the front section of the Palais Royal, mostly to some conceptual art found there, and a walk around the outside is required right now to get in. I hope it is done soon.

Not grass, no leaves but the branches and the sun provide some beauty.

A man catching some rays in a rare sunny moment.

This was a funny little lady, so well dressed, walking her dog in the Palais Royal. She was trying to sweet talk her dog into leaving the park with her but the dog, as you can see, didn’t want to.

8 thoughts to “The Sun Came Out!”

  1. That could be me with my dog Kenzo – he will not do what I want him too either! LOL

    I was told by some ladies a couple of years ago when I visited Paris that you are not allowed to have your dog inthe grounds of the Palais Royal. Needless to say this lady with her two shih tzu’s didn’t care and then I saw a man with two cairn terriers!

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