Outside St Eustache

An interesting church near the les Halles area is St Eustache. It has a very dark interior but the outside has recently been cleaned.

A look at a section of the church. Can you see the sundial up at the top? It has several for some reason.

A view of the old Bourse (the stock market) across the way. There is also a maze of sorts there on the ground.

You can also find this giant sculpture of a head and a hand in front of the church. People like to climb up on the hand to have their photos taken.

As you can see, there has been some major grafitti done. I don’t like grafitti but the sunglasses did make me smile. I saw a bra painted on the sculpture of a female goddess once as well. I hope they can get the paint off.

7 thoughts to “Outside St Eustache”

  1. Linda,
    Is the maze a prayer labyrinth? When I was teaching religious ed we had a small one that the children could run their fingers through as they prayed and meditated. I know there’s a full-sized one not too far from here in the gardens at Ohio State, not a prayerful place, but the idea is to walk the labyrinth and pray.

  2. It does annoy me immensely when they deface something like this. I have photos off that area, when my friend and I came out in April..it was sunny and warm and we sat for a while, people watching.

  3. How are things in France? Last year we spent a week in Paris and found things very expensive. Also, whenever I tried out my rather bookish French, everyone replied in English. We stayed in a small hotel in Neuilly, quite near the Bois de Boulogne

  4. Those sunglasses must have taken a lot of time to draw on. How do they find that much private time to get away with it I wonder?
    Always lovely photos. You have such a great eye for capturing things.

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