A Pleasant Stroll

Rue Montorgueil which runs both in the first and second arrondissements is always a pleasant area to take a stroll. It is mostly pedestrian except for an occasional car of a resident or delivery van and full of appealing architecture and fun shops.

A restaurant known for, what else?, its escargot. I love the sign. I tried to take a photo of a bunch of snail shells painted gold in a window there and a guy came out and told me I wasn’t allowed to. Why, I don’t know. Maybe it showed up in a magazine somewhere.

I think I’ve posted a photo of this before but it still catches my eye.

One of the small streets heading off of Montorgueil. So Parisian, right?

Some colorful garden furniture for sale. I guess you could put them in a kitchen too.

5 thoughts to “A Pleasant Stroll”

  1. The snail sign is too cute, though I don’t think I would ever eat an escargot. :-/
    Those tables are perfect for adding a bit of sunshine on a gray day.

  2. That’s weird about him not “allowing” you to take a photo of his window. What would he have done if you’d taken it anyway? Have you arrested?

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