This and That in the Marais (Away)

A saved posting while we are visiting India. We are exploring Rajasthan. India is a fascinating country.

A few scenes seen in the Marais a few weeks ago.

This was a surprise. I saw it in a small park across from the Swedish center. It’s art. They are doing a series of art having to do with the forest.

A “tree” standing in the courtyard of the Swedish center.

In 1910 there was a huge flood in Paris-you can find markers showing the height of the water around Paris-and this being 100 years later, there is a show of photos from then. It was Sunday and there was a really long line to get in so I waited for a week day to see it.

10 thoughts to “This and That in the Marais (Away)”

  1. Cool chair around the tree. I can’t wait to see the photos from India. We watched Bride and Prejudice today and I told my daughter I’d let her know when you post pictures.

  2. I’ve been wondering if you actually went on your trip – glad to know you are having a great time. Pics later I hope – know you will share the colors of an amazing country.

    Stay safe and enjoy each moment.
    Hugs – Mary

  3. I guess trees need a place to rest as well!

    India? How exciting. That is on my list of places to visit! Can’t wait to hear your views on it (and see your photos)!

  4. Chair round a tree – brilliant! Makes you look, makes you think. Didn’t know about the flood markers around Paris – might make for a good collection of photos in itself?

  5. Tree photo is cute.
    There is a slender but tall house with a steeple like roof that has a chair right on its very top a few towns south of me.
    Cute what people dream up to do.
    Waiting to see your India photos.
    Hope you are having a wonderful time.

  6. Chair around the tree? Am I seeing things? Looking forward to hearing about India and seeing your gorgeous photos.

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