Summer and Winter

Written and saved in January. I’m still in India.

What a difference between the two seasons. I remember fondly the warm, sunny days in Provence this summer. Especially when I look out the window here in Paris and see the gray skies and either rain or snow. It has been the coldest and snowiest winter I’ve experienced in Paris since moving here. I used to tell people that it was rare to get snow in Paris but now I’m not sure.
Maurice has been in Provence for almost two weeks supervising some work there. We’ve always felt that the house wasn’t really finished looking as you turned off the road right into our yard without there being any entrance. Most of the homes on our road have walls and gates so we finally decided to add this to our place too. We did this work in January because this is the only time a man that Maurice likes for work was free. He put in the tile around our pool and built our cabana outside before. Of course this is the time when Provence was hit with bad weather, lots of rain and snow. The man is still out there each day according to Maurice working away. He can’t do work with cement if it gets too cold. We are keeping our fingers crossed that this job gets finished before Maurice and I leave on our trip at the end of the month.
To show you how much Maurice loves his bread–he found the steep road that leads to our home covered in deep snow and it wasn’t safe to take the car out to get to stores. He, needing his daily bread, set off on foot to the nearest village to buy it, a round trip of one and a half hours. I would have done without the bread myself. I’m just glad he didn’t fall in the snow and hurt himself.

Welcome to sunny Provence. A look at the road Maurice couldn’t drive on.

This is a view of our pool in the back yard.

Not the same angle, but a look at a sunny day in Provence.

3 thoughts to “Summer and Winter”

  1. Wow, that’s really a surprising amount of snow for the “sunny south” of France! But was it really too much to drive in? I’m from a very hilly part of New Jersey and anything less than 6 inches is “drivable” in most cases. Bet you’re glad you’ve been India though, to get out of this flipping COLD and still snowy (in Paris, off and on) weather!

  2. I never knew Provence snows!! Well, the very name springs to mind of sunny beaches and beautiful coastlines.

    Ironically, I wished for some snow here! It’s so hot in where I live, even at night! Since it’s Chinese New Year, it’s probably the hottest season of the year.

  3. I must admit, I love the bread in Europe, especially Germany, so I’m sure France has great bread too! It seems that everywhere has received snow. When we got our snow on Friday they said on the news that there were now 49 states with snow on the ground. Hawaii of course was the only state that didn’t have it, but these days….who knows?!!

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