Well, we are back. Gosh, where do I begin about India? It’s like no place I have ever visited. Noisy, crowded, colorful, intriguing, sad, dirty. Everyday was interesting. The Indian people were very friendly and we stayed in some truly lovely places. I’ve got hundreds of photos. I’m going to try and figure out where to put them so that anyone who is interested can have a look.
By the way, we used a company called Authentic India Travel for our trip which was great. It gave us a very good overview of India and we saw the well known and some places not often visited. Here are a few photos I took from our first few days there.

This was a very typical site-guy on front in his helmet, woman behind in her sari and no helmut.

We visited many forts and palaces. This was taken inside a temple through a decorative screen.

I was especially taken with the camels. They were often decorated, sometimes with necklaces. This one had his mouth area colored. Don’t they look arrogant?

These two had even been shaved with tatoo looking marks.

Of course, no trip to this part of India is complete without a trip to the Taj Mahal. We got up at 6 AM, were first in line and first to take photos so we had no people in our shots which was cool.

This shot was behind the Taj Mahal where there was a mist coming up off of the water there.

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  1. Linda, Love, love, love these pictures and seeing India through your eyes. The camel with the colored mouth looking like a moue. The shaved camels looking like they are decorated with intricate trim. Wow.

  2. I am happy you are safely home. Lovely pictures, bu the Taj Mahal pic is fantastic. And no extra people to spoil the shot. You were fortunate. Enjoy your memories and photos and thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful pictures.
    Camels are quite interesting, aren’t they?
    I rode a camel once when I was about 6(?)-it was quite fun.
    The picture of the Taj Mahal with the mist is so peaceful.
    Looking forward to seeing more of India through your lens.

  4. Do you have a Flicka account? I don’t know how it works exactly but that’s where most photo types post their pictures. That photo of the Taj Mahal? It’s breathtaking. I actually got choked up with emotion just looking at it. You need to submit that for some sort of show or something — are you compiling your photos for a show, by the way? Because you should. You have an amazing eye.

  5. Those are such interesting photos! What a great trip you must have had, and I can’t wait to see all the other pictures! I really don’t know which one is my favorite, but for some reason I like the bike one!!

  6. Welcome back Linda. So glad your trip was so wonderful – what amazing places you have seen and captured with your camera.

    Loved the turban wrapping pics – Remember the scene in the English Patient when the Indian bomb expert unwraps his turban in the garden to wash his hair? I can understand what Juliette Binoche was feeling!! I’ve always thought that such a romantic scene.

  7. LOVE your Taj photos! I was fortunate enough to take a trip there w/ my family as a child, but w/ 3 kids, paretns coudn’t get up at 6am for the optimal photos. However, that fog off the river behind it makes it a truly magical place. India eas defintiely one of the most interesting countries I’ve ever visited — SO diverse! Thanks for sharing your wonderful eye of India!

  8. Wow, Linda. Beautoful photos of India. Love the Taj….you did get up VERY early, but worth it with no people in the shot. The camels are amazing. Where’s the picture of you or Maurice riding on it? Looking forward to more from the trip.

  9. I laughed out loud at the camel, who looked like he was puckered up for a kiss. The photos of the Taj are amazing! Try for your photos. The free membership limits you a bit but the paid membership is cheap for a year, and you can upload unlimited images.

  10. Unbelievable! I’ve never particularly wanted to go to India (except to see the Taj Mahal), but looking through all your photos from this and the previous posts, I may have to add it to my list of places I want to see. Beautiful photos.

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