I loved the turbans in India. The young men don’t seem to wear them anymore, not cool enough I suppose, and I mostly saw them in rural areas. At one time they were used to protect the head during battles now I think it is just a tradition thing. Maybe it keeps their head cool in the summer and warm in the winter. On a tour of a palace in Udaipur I saw a demonstration of how the turban was wound around the head.

You can see how long the cloth is for the turban from this shot.

Tucking it in.

And, voila.

A few other turbans:

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  1. Did you see the Indian folk dance the American ice dancers did at the Olympics last night? It was wonderful and their costumes were so authentic. But I was actually wondering why the guy did not wear a turban….

  2. Hi Linda! Great to catch up with you again in time to see these amazing photos of India and Turkey. Last we communicated I had just moved back to Scotland. I hope you still have my email and would send yours as my computer system has bombed utterly. There’s something I’d love to chat with you about. In any case, glad you’re safely back in Paris.

  3. Beautiful bold colors…love the yellow. Amazing how much fabric is required. I had no idea. Interesting to see them do the wrap.

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