Women of India

I have so many photos of women that I will have to show them in two posts. In the cities many of the women are dressed in western clothes but in the country very few are and there are colorful saris everywhere.

I took this one because I loved the orange of her sari with the orange candy for sale in a street market.

Isn’t she pretty? I think she was a bride to be as a photographer was taking her photos at a place we were visiting, a few with a man I assume would be or was the groom. They are still doing arranged marriages in India but I think they often let the couple meet first and give them the option of not marrying the chosen person. They also have astrologies done to make sure the couple is right for each other.

This very energetic woman was selling bracelets. She was a very good salesman.

This lady’s colorful sari caught my eye. She was visiting the same palace that our group was.

As the widows of a recently dead maharaja made their way through the city gates down to the funeral pyre, they left their hand prints on the door of the palace door. They were on their way to their own death by sati, throwing themselves on the fire to die-sometimes not voluntarily. Sometimes they would set themselves on fire or throw themselves off palace walls to their death to avoid being under another leader. Tough times. I’m sure these handprints are redone as art of a sort. There hands were so small.

5 thoughts to “Women of India”

  1. I love the contrast of the woman in the yellow sari holding what looks like a cell phone, or perhaps digital camera.

    And the orange sari is beautiful–what a lush color.

  2. Beautiful saris. You did capture them well-love the bright colors. Good catch on Emm’s part -with the phone or camera in her hand.

    Linda, thanks for sharing all these. More to come?

    Glad you got back safely. Not long before you go back to Provence again.

  3. I know I would be staggered by all the color if I ever visited India. It is all so gorgeous! Thank you for sharing some of your trip with us.

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