Women of India 2

A few more photos. The people were as fascinating to me as the country was.

Another woman selling bracelets. She was a little more modern than many we saw.

This lady was smoking a very strong smelling cigarette. I took the photo because I was interested in the piece of jewelery she was wearing on the part of her hair.

A very common site, women carrying things on their heads. This little lady was very old but steady on her feet.

I don’t know where these women were going. I just liked the view of them climbing the stairs in their colorful saris.

Annie Oakley of India. A funny story. There is a real problem with monkeys in parts of India. We were staying at a place in Bundi where monkeys were everywhere. We ate on the roof of our hotel and there was a gun which didn’t shoot bullets but just made noise to scare the monkeys. We were told to always keep our doors and windows closed to keep them out. The morning we were leaving I said to the owner that I never did get to see him use the gun and just then looked over and there were two monkeys on the table near us. I yelled and the monkeys took off but not before one of them tucked a jar of peanut butter under its arm. After that this lady sat there with the gun. She, by the way, was about to get married-another arranged marriage. The brides leave their home and usually their friends and villages and move into the home of their husband under the eye of the in laws.

I think this may be my favorite photo. I had just read a book written by an Indian man called The Sari Shop-a very bleak book but it told a little about the business-and was happy to see this sari shop owner unfurling a sari for inspection while the women in their colorful saris look at what is offered. Such great color.

9 thoughts to “Women of India 2”

  1. The monkey story is hilarious. Good thing they have opposable thumbs so they can open the peanut butter jar. I agree that the photo on the stairs is really striking. You should have it blown up and framed.

  2. Hi Linda, Your pictures of India are wonderful, much better than mine are.
    The monkeys are cute but certainly a problem. One man in my group had his sun glasses stolen. Can’t you picture the “dude” with the peanut butter swaggering home in his sun glasses, saying “Look at me! I’m the Man!”

  3. It’s interesting that people in hot climates enjoy bright colours in their clothes and architecture and people in colder climates tend to stick to neutral colours. You’d think since nature was already so drab in cooler countries, we’d want to brighten it up a bit, but it’s just the opposite. Also how can you not love a place where one of its biggest problems is monkeys???

  4. Oh Linda – India! It’s up there on my places that I want to visit and your photos and stories just makes it more so. What a wonderful life you lead – and share with all of us!

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