Black and White

Well, I guess I should start posting about Paris again, and getting out to take photos but ever since returning from India I’ve hardly done a thing. Starting with the quiet taxi ride from the airport when we arrived back in Paris, it’s been so quiet. Having just left India, I felt like I was underwater, that my ears were stopped up. Where was the noise, the constant honking? And the ride was so smooth. It was like watching a rousing movie in color for hours and then having to watch one in black and white. The pigments and animation seems gone. It doesn’t help that it has been cold and gray here in Paris either or the fact that Maurice and I both have a cold caught, I think, on the plane ride back to Paris. I find myself dreaming about India every night. I wonder how much longer that will last? I don’t think I’ve ever had a country make such an impact on me.
The other day I had to get out to get my hair cut. (Is there, by the way, any nicer feeling than freshly cut clean hair?). It was blustery, rainy and gray when I arrived but the sun came out when I left the shop and I had my camera with me and got these two shots.

So great to see blue sky by la Madeleine..

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  1. Yea! The sun. I don’t think it’s only the return from India. This time of year is so blah. Who wants to do anything? Your pictures, even if it’s only two, sent air into my lungs again.

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