St Severin Church

An interesting church not far from Notre Dame and located at the start of the dubious Latin Quarter is St Severin. This is one of Paris’s older and finer churches. It was built in the 13th century and in the 15th centrury acquired it’s flamboyant look seen is the great fan vault seen behind the altar looking like palm trees some say. It’s a nice, quiet church to visit, cool on a hot day and full of the ghosts of past worshipers.

The most famous part of the church.

I love the repeating arches.

6 thoughts to “St Severin Church”

  1. Don’t you find repeating arches somehow give a place “life”? Beautiful! I cannot wait until I can have more than a few moments so I can catch up on reading your blog. I SO want to read about your India trip!!

  2. I love the hint of the stained glass in the first phot Linda, makes me want to see more.

    I too had the hint of past worshipers when I visited Notre Dame a few years ago. I felt so overcome with emotion.

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