Walking Downhill

The other day I was up in Montmartre visiting friends-one a resident of Paris, another a friend made on the Internet-and it was such a beautiful day that I decided to walk instead of going underground to the metro. Montmartre is in the 18th. Heading downhill, as Montmartre is high on a hill overlooking Paris, I walked down rue des Martyrs, which took me into the 9th arrondissement, ending up in the 2nd eventually on Rue Vivienne. At that point I decided to look for a bus and walked into the 1st arrondissement to Place des Victoires. Earlier that morning I had taken the metro, line 12, to Abessess a stop deep underground and found the elevator to the surface wasn’t working so had to climb the 200 or so steps up. Then I planned to take the funicular up to the top by Sacre Coeur only to find it wasn’t working either leaving me with 250 more steps to climb(not to mention my morning exercise too) so it was nice to finally take my seat on the bus which deposits me right across the street from where we live-I have to climb the stairs to the 3rd floor then-so I got some exercise and some vitamin D from that lovely sun.

One of two windmills found in Montmartre. There used to be many, used to grind wheat into flour. This one has a restaurant underneath now. The Moulin Rouge is further down the hill.

One set of the many staircases found in Montmartre.

A nice flower shop I passed on my walk.

A common sight in Paris-a line of children on an excursion. Sometimes they are really young, like three or so.

9 thoughts to “Walking Downhill”

  1. Such a lot of excercise in one day 🙂 I remember the steps to the Sacre Coeur..Caroline and I climbed them, then we climbed right to the top of the Dome.

    We did so much in 5 days, we remember on the 3rd day our legs hurting in places we never knew they could, soon recovered 🙂

  2. OMG Linda – does that funicular Ever work!!! LOL
    I was in Paris 2008 and my Mum and I had to walk up those stairs for it was “down”. We really took our time!
    Another year I was visiting – the same – not working! LOL
    Paris is the best place in the world to move the weight! LOL

  3. I would walk every day if I had views like that! As it is I walk up the hill, feed the chickens, walk down and then do it all over again. At least in the summer I can look at my flowers! I love the windmill and definitely the flower shop!! I guess that is why French women stay fit with all the walking. Guess it is time for me to go and feed the chickens!!

  4. The Montmartre neighbourhood is one of my favourites – even though I’ve heard that it’s not entirely safe at night. I quite like all the hills and staircases. I guess I’m odd that way, but they make for such visual interest while walking. BTW, the Sacré Coeur funicular was working the last time I was in Paris with DD, but we chose to walk up anyway!

  5. The last time I was in Paris I believe I stayed quite close to that corner in your last photo! You must be in excellent shape with all of that climbing…here in New York we don’t have enough hills for stairs, just a few subway descents. Not quite enough to keep me in shape unfortunately.

  6. The walk down you pointed out to us was very nice but the main drag where the Moulin Rouge is, is pretty disappointing. I can’t believe Parisans let this beautiful part of their city get taken over by tourist crap and sex shops.

  7. What a fab walk….I would love walking by those scenes. When we were there, the funicular was not working…so we looked at the steps and decided against…loved walking around checking out all the artists. Had lunch at a lovely little place-can’t remember the name.

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