Latin Quarter Bookstore

I’m talking, of course, about the famous Shakespeare and Company a long time institution in Paris selling books in English. I like going here because I love the ambiance not to mention books.

Worn red stairs going up to the second floor.

There’s a little alcove upstairs with a typewriter and a sign saying anyone can use it. I wonder if there are young people who wander in in this day of computers and wonder what in the world it is.

A bed found upstairs too. Writers can stay here with permission. I once once in the store early and came upon a lady putting her shoes on and another washing some coffee cups.

You don’t find old chandeliers in bookstores very often. There was a view of Notre Dame across the river from the second floor as well.

11 thoughts to “Latin Quarter Bookstore”

  1. It’s such a unique place and definitely a local landmark!

    I feel a bit claustrophibic there, especially going up those stairs! But it’s hard to resist the possibility of finding a book treasure 🙂

  2. Such a wonderful bookstore with a fascinating history! I love the sign painted over a doorway that says:

    “Be not inhospitable to strangers
    Lest they be angels in disguise”

    I like your second photo of the book-lined steps with the paint worn off from decades of footsteps.

  3. I remember walking past when we were in Paris, I wish we had gone in. I love the idea of writers staying there – so old world and romantic.

  4. I love the way this book store looks. So quaint! And I’d love to have a room that’s filled with books, like the one above! 😀

  5. One regret I have is that we did not visit this when we were in Paris in 2001. I think we were very close too. Sigh. Perhaps there will be another opportunity someday.

  6. I loved that bookstore, but ultimately found it a bit in love with itself and too pretentious. The 20-somethings working there were eagerly chatting with each other and summed me and my family up quickly as “typical boring tourists” “not worth their time since we were obviously not nearly as cool as THEY were.” So it was a disappointment. I have found plenty of bookshops JUST as much fun without the attitude.
    They won, though, since I still bought two books (used) just to get that cool stamp in the front of them! Guess I was just a boring tourist at heart, even though at the time I had just moved to France from Mauritania, so you shouldn’t judge overweight middleaged blonde Americans by their covers! 😉

  7. I would love to visit that bookstore! I like finding ones like that since those mall stores do not hold any interest for me. Love the red stairs!

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