Spring Has Sprung!

Doesn’t it make you feel good to see signs of Spring and to finally have Spring here? It certainly brightens my day. It has started warming up here in Paris and we’ve had a lot of sunshine and blue skies, always a mood lifter. I haven’t seen any wysteria in bloom yet but the early heralders of Spring, bulb flowers, are doing their thing.

Easter is April 4th this year so all sorts of chocolate Easter goodies are appearing in shop windows.

The French don’t use the Easter Bunny bringing the Easter candy thing but church bells instead. It doesn’t stop them from using rabbits for decoration and I guess you start seeing more of real rabbits in the Spring anyway.

Love these tulips. I bought some at the market the other day and they are so bright and cheerful in our apartment.

I don’t know if there is any happier flower than a daffodil.

9 thoughts to “Spring Has Sprung!”

  1. Oh how I love spring flowers! I have daffodils in the family room and tulips in the living room: looking at them makes me smile.

    Glad to hear spring has arrived in Paris. Are you basking in the sun at some wonderful cafe and watching the world pass by your table?

  2. Pretty photos! I love daffodils too, and have so many of them blooming right now. I put a few on my blog and called them sunshine smiles!

  3. Love the dafodils and all the spring flowers. Great photos-thanks for sharing. Easter was lovely and warm in LA.

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